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Developing Business Leaders

Helping strategic leaders shape their future business success


Senior Managers, Directors and Owners of significant businesses with the authority to decide, or strongly influence, the strategic direction of their business

11 days of training and 6 one to one coaching sessions


This senior level training and support programme will hone the skills of the people who will steer their businesses through current challenges and beyond, stimulating vision and encouraging personal and business development

Run by experienced trainers and consultants with a range of specialist skills

This is a 5-part modular programme endorsed by ILM for participants from any industry, with interim coaching support taking place at the delegate’s workplace.



Pre-programme 360° performance assessment

Coaching visit

Part 1 Stimulating Vision                                                                       October 5-7 2016

Creating a strategic overview of the future you want


Part 2 Developing your brand, your market and your sales                 Jan 17/18 2017

Exploring the potential to improve sales and profits


Part 3 Making businesses work well                                                     May 9/10 2017

Looking critically at the effectiveness of your business structure and processes


Part 4 Developing and enabling key people                                         Sept 20/21 2017

Evaluating the key people in your organisation and their potential


Part 5 Making financially sound decisions                                            Jan 9/10 2018

Planning to achieve the business vision profitably, while managing financial risk



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