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Effective Personal Leadership


The course is made up of 13 half days from September 2016 – March 2017.

It is suitable for all employees from supervisor level up to senior management, particularly those wanting to accelerate their growth in the company or those needing redirection through goal setting. It is designed to build authentic leadership characteristics.


Including: Understanding what personal leadership means, personal leadership vs formal leadership, starting the goals process

One: Your Potential for Personal Leadership

Including: Believing in your full potential, focusing on your strengths, the internal nature of personal leadership, the rewards of leadership

Two: Self-Knowledge: The Source of Personal Leadership

Including: Self-Knowledge and emotional intelligence, developing a strong self-image, breaking out of a conditioned existence

Three: Six Essentials of Personal Leadership

Including: Personal Responsibility, Plan, Persistence, Positive Expectancy

Four: Take Personal Responsibility

Including: Personal responsibility equals freedom, the disadvantages of motivation through fear, the power of motivation through attitudes

Five: Discovering Your Purpose

Including: Discovering your life purpose, establishing your priorities, avoiding distractions on your path

Six: Plan Your Path

Including: Committing to your goals, tangible and intangible goals, is it worth it to me?

Seven: Ignite Your Passion

Including: The hallmarks of genuine passion, how to build enthusiasm, controlling the emotional climate

Eight: Act With Positive Expectancy

Including: Positive expectancy requires belief, how our attitudes and habits are formed, the self-fulfilling prophecy

Nine: Follow Through With Persistence

Including: Reasons why people quit, turning adversity into opportunity

Ten: Living a Balanced Life

Including: Planning your time with priorities in mind, time is your most valuable asset

Eleven: The Art of Successful Communication

Including: Leaders are communicators, learning to listen with empathy, setting an example by relationship management

Twelve: Multiplying Your Leadership

Including: Leaders have integrity and character, leaders are developers of people, the rewards of empowering others




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