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Health and Safety Short Course







This is a half day course designed for all employees, and is delivered by a trainer with 20 years of experience in the industry.

It is approved by British Poultry Training for the Poultry Passport Scheme and a certificate is issued upon completion.


Organisational Security requirements

Roles and responsibilities – legal & organisational

Reporting of inadequate control measures and corrective actions

Importance of following manufacturers instructions

Fire and emergency procedures specific to your location and role

Different types of fire extinguisher

Safe transportation and storage of materials

Specific risks to child safety

Accident reporting

Types of PPE inc. usage, storage, inspection and replacement

Health hazards of poultry dust.

Electrical safety

Lone working arrangements

Site traffic movement

Chemical safety inc. dilution rates

Machinery safety inc. cleaning procedures


Notices and written instructions inc. sign recognition



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