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Our Areas of Expertise

FCC has a significant and strong international network of connections from experienced senior executives with major poultry companies to industry experts worldwide.  Our strength of networking capability is invaluable to assist you in discovering the right solutions for your business.  Our specialists and consultants are carefully chosen with a proven track record within their specific field of expertise.

FCC areas of expertise

Our experts will evaluate, review and recommend to you the most up to date and relevant advice on all aspects of your company including:

FCC Bullet PointEgg Production, Breeders & Hatchery
FCC Bullet PointGrandparent, Parent & Broiler Farms
FCC Bullet PointEnvironmental & Ventilation
FCC Bullet PointRaw Material & Feed Milling
FCC Bullet PointProcessing and Rendering
FCC Bullet PointPrimary & Management Processing
FCC Bullet PointFinancial & Auditing Procedures
FCC Bullet PointLogistics & Distribution

Specific services highlighting the individual needs of your business

We also provide expertise for a range of services including developing new business models, market analysis and business improvement programmes within existing companies covering:

FCC Bullet PointDue diligence 
FCC Bullet PointFeasibility studies into strategy, markets, operating environment and business constraints
FCC Bullet PointGreenfield and expansion project facility and equipment design and specification
FCC Bullet PointManagement of a comprehensive tender process
FCC Bullet PointProject management – construction, crewing, operational performance & financial planning
FCC Bullet PointThe design and implementation of management control systems across the whole business
FCC Bullet PointDetailed benchmarking of company performance
FCC Bullet PointBusiness improvement programmes
FCC Bullet PointSpecific training and development programmes in specialist areas

For further details of our services contact: info@foodchainconnexions.com

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