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Recent FCC Case Studies

Our case studies provide you with an illustration of the various ways FCC can assist you sourcing the experts you need. With experience of the world’s largest integrated businesses we address the ever-growing demand for know-how and expertise continually required in this fast developing sector.


Business expansion and improvement programme, RussiaFCC Bullet Point

Integrated chicken producer of 15,000 tonnes of chicken meat & 42,000 tonnes of feed per annum

FCC Bullet PointOperational audit and business improvement programme in Malaysia

Integrated chicken producer covering supply chain, breeding, hatchery, broiler, feed mill, primary processing through to further processing operations.

FCC Bullet PointBusiness review and improvement programme UAE

60 million commercial eggs and 8,000 tonnes per year

FCC Bullet PointHatchery evaluation and feasibility study, UK

Hatchery upgrade for 2.5 to 5 million parent chicks

FCC Bullet PointProcessing plant design & agricultural supply chain project, Saudi Arabia

10,000 tonnes per annum

FCC Bullet PointReview project, Papua New Guinea

Integrated chicken producer of 12,000 tonnes finished product per annum

FCC Bullet PointBusiness expansion and improvement project, South Africa

Fully integrated producer of 50 million chickens and 400,000 tonnes of compound feed per annum

FCC Bullet PointBusiness improvement and expansion project Papua New Guinea

Integrated producer of 16,000 tonnes chicken meat, 2 million table eggs and 75,000 tonnes of compound feed per annum

FCC Bullet PointOperational audit for chicken business in New Zealand

Across the broiler and processing operations of a chicken business

FCC Bullet PointBusiness improvement project, Japan

 16 million layer chick sales per year

FCC Bullet PointOperational audit of commercial egg farm project UAE

This operation has a total of 300,000 commercial layers

FCC Bullet PointPrimary processing layout and expansion project in Malaysia

Producing 35,000 metric tonnes per annum of chicken meat

FCC Bullet PointFeed Mill operations improvement project in Saudi Arabia

Working across breeder and broiler feed mills

FCC Bullet PointBusiness improvement and expansion for a breeder business in Uganda

Supplying both broiler and layer day old chicks in Uganda

FCC Bullet PointFeasibility into an integrated potato project in East Africa

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