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Our Skills Training programmes educate you in Agribusiness industry specific skills in order to enhance both your knowledge and productivity at work. Examples of our courses include:


This in-house workshop is delivered by an independent with over 20 years’ experience in poultry hatcheries & hatchery management both in the UK & internationally. Our hatchery expert is a dynamic, hands-on individual, and a highly skilled manager of teams. This makes our hatchery consultant the ideal individual to deliver this course successfully and professionally.

Our specialist workshop will provide attendees with a clear understanding of the requirements needed to manage a successful hatchery, the incubation process & how to produce the greatest number of high quality chicks or poults. Importantly, it will make energy savings for your business. It is suitable for Production Managers, Hatchery Managers & Directors of Companies.

The workshops are delivered in a mixture of both classroom and hatchery practical sessions and demonstrations, ensuring the learning points are demonstrated clearly and then reinforced in your own facilities, using your own equipment.

On completion of the workshops, time is set aside to undertake a “check for understanding” assessment, which will give an appreciation of the level of knowledge, uptake and understanding of the training material that has been achieved during the workshops.

Although there is a common structure to these workshops, the specific objectives and training material will be developed for your individual business, bespoke and according to your own needs and requirements.


The workshop provides practical solutions for hatchery production, chick or poult quality & improving your profit margins.

It will combine practical and classroom modules at YOUR own hatchery site, teaching best practice with YOUR own existing equipment offering:

Training for large numbers of team members at one time to be cost effective

Improved performance by developing knowledge and know-how within your teams

Practical hatchery demonstrations

Evaluations and assessments to measure levels of learning


Working with the rearing and laying farms

Hatching egg management

The importance of quality of the product that goes into the machines

Daily events both within and outside of the manager’s control

Management of setters and hatchers

Principles of basic embryo and incubation management

Housekeeping, health & hatchery hygiene management

Hatchery biosecurity & environmental control

Trouble shooting & problem solving

Day old chick transportation

Working with the day old chick customer


Immediately after the workshops a classroom assessment will be completed. The format of this assessment will be developed to your requirements and include a review of performance before the training is undertaken and then will be reviewed for 6 month intervals thereafter to measure progress.

If required we can then create an on-going basic and intermediate training programme with refresher workshops available every 6 months in order to maintain optimum operational levels.


These will focus on following up and revisiting the skills areas after the initial training workshops. This will be determined by the on-site assessment of the hatchery personnel competences, in order to build the workshop focus areas and content.


“The workshop was designed for our staff to better understand the whole hatchery production and has improved our chick quality”

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